Web Design Software

Web design software makes it easy to create web sites without learning HTML. Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver are the two most popular examples of web design software. With these programs, you can quickly add text and graphics to any web page.

If your goal is to build a simple web site, Microsoft FrontPage will most likely meet your needs. This web design software offers beginning web designers several helpful features.

  • Microsoft FrontPage is easy to learn, since its menus closely resemble Word and other Microsoft Office products.
  • This web design software offers a selection of pre-designed site templates that can take some of the stress out of creating your web site.
  • If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer installed on your computer, you can save time by previewing your FrontPage files without having to open a separate browser window.
  • Microsoft FrontPage uses a tree structure to organize your site's files and folders. One nice feature of this organization system is that it will automatically update links if you decide to rename a file on your web site.

For web designers with more sophisticated needs, Macromedia Dreamweaver is the web design software of choice. Most professional web designers use Macromedia Dreamweaver to create their sites because of its many advanced features.

  • This web design software allows you to use tables and layers for more precise positioning of design elements.
  • It's easy to create an interactive web site by adding Macromedia Fireworks or Flash elements to your Dreamweaver pages. Macromedia Dreamweaver is fully compatible with the entire Macromedia product line.
  • The advanced features of Macromedia Dreamweaver make it a good choice for creating e-commerce web sites.
  • This web design software is the most appropriate choice for maintaining large web sites because of its ability to change all pages within a site at once instead of having to correct hundreds of individual pages by hand.