Web Site Templates

Using web site templates can be a great timesaver. Unfortunately, using a widely available template can result in your web site looking exactly like your competitor's site. If you don't have the budget to hire a professional graphic designer, you can customize web site templates to fit your own unique needs and help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Adding your logo to the template will make it unique to your business.
  • Changing the colors to match your company logo is a quick and easy way to alter the look of web site templates.
  • Changing the illustrations or photographs used in the template will personalize the design. Whenever possible, avoid using stock photography or clip art in web site templates. It's better to take photos of people in your organization or business.
  • Menu options and navigation links can be altered to fit the needs of your web site. You can either change the wording of the navigation links or move the position of the menu.
  • Combining elements from two similar web site templates will result in an original design.
  • Create a mirror image of the template. For example, rotate all the elements so that everything on the left side now appears on the right side of the template.

Microsoft FrontPage comes with a selection of templates for you to use on your web site. Many companies also offer professionally designed web site templates for you to purchase. You can even type "free web site templates" into Google or any major search engine to find a wide variety of template sources.

When you're using web site templates, remember that the template is merely a suggestion to help start your creative juices. Don't be afraid to add your own special touches to the design.